Sunday, September 20, 2020

Poolside playing! 🔥

Check out this HOT 11 minute Video "Cory & Jared Show Off & Play Poolside With Their New Friend". I got this vid edited & posted same day for ya'all!! We have been pretty much just hanging around the house enjoying the weather and all our puppies... We have spent a good amount of quarantine hanging out with our special new "friend". He has been a huge studio star the last few years (and an online enemy crazy enough), so us meeting and lovin on each other will be a huge surprise. We are going to reveal his identity at just the right time, but for now we are enjoying the fuck out of each other and keeping things simple. It's literally throuple loving 24/7 and I swear it's the best, thing, ever.  

Enter Here and Enjoy the Full Video at The Big C Men!