Friday, August 28, 2015


We all got really fucked up back at the frat house –maybe a little to fucked up. Everything was chill until Orlando passed out. When he was out we decided to duct tape him and toss him in the corner. Once he woke up, we ripped the duct tape off his mouth and forced him to blow us all. Then we put him in a headlock and destroyed his ass with our cocks. We had no choice but to shove our dicks in his mouth because we had to stop him from calling for help!

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Monday, August 10, 2015

Sexy beefcake with a huge uncut cock!

Jerry Cabrera is our newest beefcake with a huge uncut cock. His tree trunk legs and big booty will have you wanting to pipe! His charming eyes and smile will have you looking at solely him. Turn all your other porn off now. Jerry wants to attend a University and per-sue a computer science degree. Presently he makes a living buying, selling, and trading computers he makes personally. He's working on a new supped up computer for the GayHoopla office as we speak. He quoted us kind of high but he’s so cute we think we’re going to give him what he wants!

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