Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Elder Hardt & Elder Jordan!

Elder Hardt has a new calling: to find out all he can about Elder Jordan. The mission president transferred Elder Jordan to the mission home, and assigned Elder Hardt to be his temporary companion. Elder Hardt is an expert at getting his companions into bed, but Elder Jordan is a really tough case. After a long day in the mission office, the two elders head to their room to relax... 

Elder Hardt has popped a boner, but if his companion notices, he doesn’t say anything. Elder Hardt tries to sleep, but his hard dick is throbbing on his belly. Once Elder Hardt closes his eyes, Elder Jordan takes the opportunity to reach into his garments and tug on his big, semi-hard dick. He hasn’t masturbated in ages, and his balls are aching to dump a big white load.

“Time for a shower!” says Elder Jordan. Elder Hardt wonders if that is an invitation. Can he come along? Elder Jordan sits up and pulls off his garment bottoms, revealing his dick, which is getting harder and harder. Elder Hardt is definitely coming along, and he strips naked too, showing off his own boner. The two elders shave their faces side by side, buck naked. Elder Hardt tries to focus, but he can’t help stealing glances at his butt naked companion.

When he thinks Elder Hardt is distracted by his shower, he turns around and gets his dick hard. He’s in a rush to cum, because he doesn’t want his companion to see. With one eye on the mirror, he strokes his fat dick. It’s hard as rock. His giant balls are full of cum and he wants to shoot it now. Elder Hardt notices that his companion has fallen silent, and he pokes his head out. He can see his companion masturbating in the mirror. He wants to lick up all that cum, but he knows it won’t be long before he will taste it!

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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Gag and tag!

Don’t these pledges know it’s not polite to choke on a cock? But after ramming 4 or 5 dicks down their throat I guess you really can’t blame them. After  last night Brad must have a pretty sore throat as well as a really sore ass especially after we poured a beer down his hole and then shoved the bottle up there!

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