Thursday, November 26, 2015

We got a house-bitch!

The boys and I were cruising around to pass the time and came across some punk-ass pussy bitch. The little fucker told us off so went after him “take-down” style. We dragged his lanky ass back to the car and then haled him up to the frat house. We kept him tied up in the closet so he can be our little house-bitch. Josh says we got a little too carried away this time!

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Monday, November 9, 2015

Companionship study!

Elder Sorensen has only been in the mission field for a few days, and he’s still getting the hang of things. There are a lot of new rules to learn, and the daily schedule is really demanding. He’s exhausted. On top of all that, there’s his handsome companion, Elder Stewart, who has been in the mission for a long time. Elder Sorensen is really intimidated by him. He can’t help fantasizing about Stewart’s beautiful butt and his big cock. But since all sexual activity, especially gay sex, is forbidden to Mormons, especially Mormon missionaries, Elder Sorensen thinks he’ll never get act on his desires. But he’s wrong. Lucky for him, Elder Stewart has one goal: to seduce Sorensen, who might just be the hottest guy he’s ever seen!

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